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John Asher Remembered (1955-2018) While on vac…

John Asher Remembered (1955-2018)

While on vacation with his family,
John Asher, the Vice President of Racing Communications

at Churchill Downs, and one of the sport’s warmest ambassadors,
died August 27 after suffering a heart attack. He was 62.

Hundreds gathered at Churchill Downs today to pay their respects as a hearse carried him around the historic ten furlong oval in tribute. John will be missed at Churchill and the Kentucky Derby by friends and racing fans for many furlongs to come.


I don’t understand the Quip hype. It’s not so much I don’t think he’s a good horse and has a shot but:

1) Most Preakness winners have come out of the Derby. Do some skip it entirely and still win? Yes of course Cloud Computing is an example of that. But there are more that come from the Derby then not.

2) And possibly the bigger factor. We have no clue if he’s going to like the mud. I went and checked his past races. He’s never run over a muddy track.

I’m not saying to play Justify or Good Magic if you want to make money. But…I’m not so sure if he’s the smart choice go with a known mudder if you want a chance to spice up your exotics


I give up with this one dude

He seems to be convinced since Bodemeister was able to run stupid fractions in his Derby anyone who runs stupid fractions at the start and wins should have kept going with the stupid fractions. Particularly with Justify. Bodemeister did that on a fast track. And may I remind you he LOST. I love I’ll Have Another but maybe if Bodemeister hasn’t run stupid fractions he would have won.


Every time I see the complaints about this years overall Derby time I want to facepalm. Genius they purposely applied the breaks when he made the lead. 4th fastest opening quarter and that half was just outside the top 10 fastest. And it was an identical pace to the one that essentiall broke the Florida Derby pace setters in that prep.

To make this even more silly if by somehow miracle Justify had kept going and not slowed down after getting on the lead he would have taken a rammering ham to Secretariats record. Even applying the breaks a slight bit so each quarter was a half a second slower would have resulted in a new Derby record. But that would have been a crazy stunt to pull off on a track like this years. Mike had to apply the breaks big time or else Justify would have burned up.

Justify trains at Churchill Downs, May 15th, 2…

Speed, and More Speed | War Admiral, 1937 Kentucky Derby

Today Bob Baffert talked about watching this footage of War Admiral with assistant trainer Jimmy Barnes, which reminded him of the way Justify ran in the Kentucky Derby. MOAR SPEED!

Video of Baffert on his YouTube binge, Justify, and the Preakness, plus the Kentucky Derby winner’s easy gallop at Churchill Downs today…

Justify trains at Churchill Downs, May 15th, 2018

The Bloodhorse comments are providing endless …


Between the people ditching the Always Dreaming bandwagon and the people complaining about the daily reports on Always Dreaming (he’s the Derby winner when isn’t it like this?) it’s providing its own form of entertainment.

Bringing this back again because now it’s happening again with Justify. Except to add to my annoyance someone asked why a Justify article wasn’t talking about Zenyatta.




At this rate I’m trying to decide if I should mute half my feed for the next two weeks or enjoy the free entertainment

Just mute it. So not worth it.

A bruise is definitely more worrying than scratches, but also not the end of the world. No offense to Baffert, but I’m going to trust the vet’s word over his for now. It’s shit like this that makes me still feel a little iffy about the whole situation, but again, all we can do is wait.

To add to the confusion the story might have come from someone in PETA. And yeah I’m not sure how to handle that if it’s true that it came from someone from them.

I agree vet trumps Baffert. But PETA has been known to blatantly lie about stuff before so now I’m just confused.


At this rate I’m trying to decide if I should mute half my feed for the next two weeks or enjoy the free entertainment


I’m trying not to antromorphosize but it gets hard and I feel like saying this.

On Justify. I’ve had dermatitis in my foot before not quiet 6 years back when I was a lot heavier (around 260, currently 200). Severe dermatitis caused by a infected surgery site from removing a mole. I also have a high pain tolerance. Before I got on antibiotics and it went down I needed to use a cane to bear weight because it hurt so much it reduced me to tears. It maybe just scratches but man I can tell you early stage dermatitis when there’s a lot of weight bearing down on the limb before the treatment really kicks in hurts like a bitch to walk on. I can’t imagine having had to walk on gravel.

Maybe it is something more but I wouldn’t rule out the scratches being the entire cause for the way he was bearing weight in that video. Especially since I don’t think we know how far down the leg the affected area is?

Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Again I know I’m antromophisizing Justify. But looking back on my own experience I can see how one would want to maybe not put a ton of weight on the worst affected limb.


Well Facebook is nothing but entertaining tonight between the Euro fans and the remarks flying around about Baffert by some people. I just saw someone say he should have had Justify checked out before he trotted him out this morning? You really don’t think he did that before?