I don’t really use it like… at all, but I do have a Twitter. (I hope I can remember my login. o_o )

I have been wanting to backup FHN here on my personal website for a while now and this may give me an excuse to finally get around to start making it. So I’ll be starting that project this weekend.

I do not plan on leaving Tumblr as it’s really my only active social media I have. So FHN, my general racing blog @finalfurlong​ and my main blog at @duskreaper​ and all my other blogs will be remaining until the site dies or my blog gets deleted.

I have been thinking of making a horse racing themed Discord server for us horse racing fans here on Tumblr who like to discuss the sport but don’t like the toxicity/political-ness of the Bloodhorse/Paulick comments or the weird vibes of the Zenyatta forums.

Would anyone be interested in something like that?