Big colts retiring is not what is killing this sport. If the only horses you are attached to are super star colts that run in the TC, that’s on you. Fillies, geldings, allowance horses, claimers, there are plenty of horses to fall in love with.

Say it louder for the people in the back!

I’m so over it! When we have such an exciting field entering the Distaff and all anyone can bitch and moan over is GM and Justify retiring I wanna put my head through a wall. They aren’t the only horses that matter!!!! If Z and Chrome didn’t save the sport on their own, neither would have Justify. And let’s not forget how much hate Always Dreaming got after he quit winning … You wanted a TC horse to stick around, and you got him. Then there was AK a few years back, who DID keep winning, and there is very little love for that horse.

Besides all that, Catholic Boy is supposed to run next year. Probably McKinzie too. We’re FINE. Let’s change the conversation to poor track management and treatment of horseman, which is genuinely poisoning the sport.

ETA: And now with IWC retired we get to hear the same shit again. It’s not like he has serious health issues or anything.

Yeah I just saw someone saying if this keeps up will have no one to follow for the love of the sport. Melodramatic much?

It’s not like we go through a batch of retirement announcements every year after the BC. Oh wait we do. But since its a couple before it this year people are treating it like it’s the end of the world.