Uma Musume Anime Disc Sales Help Real Racehors…

Uma Musume Anime Disc Sales Help Real Racehorses:

TL:DR, some the DVD/Blu-Ray sales in Japan of Pretty Derby will be donated to two Japanese horse racing charities:

Japan Association for International Racing and Stud Book (JAIRS)

– A program similiar to the Jockey Club in the US that not only holds stud book information and rules and regulations, it also works to improve race horse husbandry and promote horse racing in Japan and abroad.

Thanks Horse Project is a retirement program and holds three locations in Japan. They work to retrain former racehorses for work as therapy horses or second careers with new owners.

Kudos to the Pretty Derby team for paying it forward to their equine counterparts. I am doubtful it will see a physical release in the US (It wasn’t even popular enough to dub into English), if anyone does release it I hope they do the same!