What are your favorite Mamoru outfits?

For science, of course. If you have a link or can cite the specific episode/chapter, that would be much appreciated!

Oh no…

I only have “favorites” I’m afraid:

> “Endo’s” cow vest from Act 11:

> The 3-piece white leisure suit he wore to the f-ing airport (got a business conference in Miami, Mamoru?) in Act 50:

> The “I’m a cool college student now” semi-popped collar with vest and choker look in Act 39:

Those are prob my “favs” from the manga but they don’t even hold a torch to his anime looks (THE MOSQUITO COIL?!?!?!).

Dude was like ‘I’m going to Harvard, I MUST DRESS NICE’. If Galaxia hadn’t killed him, seeing that they all just wear sweats and stuff to class would have done him in.

Mamoru’s first day at Harvard:

Mamoru’s last day at Harvard: