I might be a bad racing fan …



… but I’m not ready for another Triple Crown.

I really like Justify and have had him on my radar since he won his maiden, but the part of me that’s a diehard Pharoah fan just is still defensive and wants some more time before another one … 

Do you think Justify has it in him? I haven’t looked for any updates since those ~questionable~ walking videos.

I think he ran like freighttrain in the Derby but I’m worried for his longevity.

Current word is that he’s bounced back with vigor. Baffert was saying today he was dragging people around the barn two days after the Derby. Baffert says in years past his Derby winners took up to five days to bounce back.

Personally I don’t think Good Magic has no shot. It’s a horse race who knows what will happen and post draw still hasn’t happened either. But considering he couldn’t catch Justify on that rediculous pace set up he’s going to have to take a huge step forward to catch him at Pimlico. Or have something go wrong with Justify.

Who knows maybe someone else is waiting in the wings that can beat him. But they’re going to have a task in front of them on Saturday that’s for sure.

Personally after waiting for so long for a TC winner I would be delighted for another one. Plus I could maybe drag myself up to Santa Anita next time I’m in California to see him work. And thus get that off my bucket list finally (see a TC winner do something while in training). I was kind of crossing my fingers for a 2019 one with it being a 100 years since Sir Barton but hey I would take one this year if it happens.

But then again I’ve never fully understood the ‘If A does it suddenly Bs accomplishment is diminished.’ Remember Slew and Affirmeds TCs came only a few short years after Secretariats. And that’s not even getting started on the rash of them back in the 30s and 40s. Pharoah will always be remembered as the first TC in 37 years and as the first Grand Slam Winner. No one can take that away. Not even another winner. Just like no one can take away Secretariats accomplishments. People still think of the mile and half record holder as him even though I think that’s been since eclipsed on the turf.