I’m trying not to antromorphosize but it gets hard and I feel like saying this.

On Justify. I’ve had dermatitis in my foot before not quiet 6 years back when I was a lot heavier (around 260, currently 200). Severe dermatitis caused by a infected surgery site from removing a mole. I also have a high pain tolerance. Before I got on antibiotics and it went down I needed to use a cane to bear weight because it hurt so much it reduced me to tears. It maybe just scratches but man I can tell you early stage dermatitis when there’s a lot of weight bearing down on the limb before the treatment really kicks in hurts like a bitch to walk on. I can’t imagine having had to walk on gravel.

Maybe it is something more but I wouldn’t rule out the scratches being the entire cause for the way he was bearing weight in that video. Especially since I don’t think we know how far down the leg the affected area is?

Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Again I know I’m antromophisizing Justify. But looking back on my own experience I can see how one would want to maybe not put a ton of weight on the worst affected limb.