Just a quick lesson, no matter where you live, to always check local discount stores. You never know what you might find.

I am in Eastern PA and went to a discount/overstock place called Ollie’s and found these official 2019 KY Derby glasses for $1 each! They must have had about 100 of them, but most were dirty or cracked. They still had Churchill Downs’ price tag on the bottom. I tried to look over Ollie’s price tag and I think they charged like $12-15 for one.


Union Rags

Must not unfriend the ex trainer who drives me up a wall… Must not unfriend the ex trainer who drives me up a wall… Must not unfriend the ex trainer who drives me up a wall…

Because if I do then I’m going to have to block her to keep her from pestering me about it. And then there’s going to be the awkward next time I run into her at the track.

I got my goodbye at least today. Going to miss you buddy but I’m pretty sure Japan’s going to love you.

All the Chrome being shipped is bringing out the assumptions that Chromes going to be eaten after he’s done stud there and I am so freaking done with the fans that think that every stallion being sold is going to end up on someone’s dinner plate. While ignoring those who came back or are pensioned in Japan. Or the Ferdinand clause.


A friend just shared these with me and i cant…. idk if the illustrations are hilarious or horrifying.


TIL after being thrown from his horse, jockey Ralph Neves was pronounced dead, brought to the morgue, injected with adrenaline to the heart, jumped up, returned to the racetrack, and demanded to be allowed to ride the rest of his mounts that day.

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Covfefe emerges with the lead turning into the stretch.

Didn’t realize the Turf Sprint champion Belvoir Bay is one of the San Luis Rey survivors. Always neat to see one come back and win big. Really neat to see one take a BC race.